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Cabo For 2, Please

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

"Travel brings power and love back into your life." ~ Rumi

Unpopular opinion here: I am not a huge fan of Mexico. It’s just not my first choice for travel.

I think it has to do with the fact that it’s so close to where I live that it doesn’t feel far enough away to be a true getaway and also that it’s where everyone tends to go for vacation.

Despite the fact that our first big trip as a family of 5 was to Aulani on Oahu, which is a super touristy destination, pretty much every other trip we have taken is a little off the beaten path in one way or another.

Having said that, December of 2017 we had an amazing opportunity: to take a couples (ie no kiddos!!) trip to an amazing all inclusive in Cabo with some friends and stay in a presidential suite for the price of a pauper room at the next door suboptimal resort. Obvs we couldn’t turn that opportunity down because it was our first trip together, just the 2 of us (since having kids), without kids and the resort looked amazing… I still love a beautiful resort. The resort was Grand Solmar Resort.

Buuuuuut, of course we were going to find a way to make this trip amazing and off the beaten path…

For starters, we didn’t actually buy into the all inclusive. That was because I wanted to eat out and experience “culture” in Cabo as much as possible. We rarely ate at the resort. And the couple we went with made a Costco run so we had lots of cheapo alcohol available to us.

Funny story: I’m a little gullible and naive, so of course the second we step off the plane some young man who showed me a pic of his super cute kid had me for a fool and convinced me that for a $100 taxi ride (it’s normally like $30) that I would get free breakfast, sunset cruise, etc… of course I fell for it and was almost got stuck in a timeshare presentation until my friend intercepted me. Thankful for that. But we ended up in downtown Cabo at an awesome place called The Office on the Beach. We had a delicious brunch and then went swimming in the ocean there.

We were there at an unusually quiet time of year and with hardly anyone around and while just walking down the beach it hit me: we needed to go deep sea fishing!!! We had just started learning to fish and I was super into it and it just sounded plain fun.

The next morning we woke up at the break of dawn and made our way to the dock. We had the boat all to ourselves along with a captain and deck hand. The ride out to sea alone was worth the trip. We motored by the arch and saw dolphins and whales. 3 hours in we still hadn’t caught anything, but it didn’t matter because the boat ride alone was a blast.

Then, there was a bite! Mike reeled in a beautiful Mahi Mahi. Our deck hand prepped the meat right then and there. We were thinking that was all we were going to catch and then I had a bite! I started reeling it in and I swore it was a huge swordfish because it was so strong and I was really struggling to reel it in. After what felt like hours, I finally caught a glimpse of what I had caught.... a small tuna. Haha! Nevertheless I was thrilled with my catch and our deckhand also prepared this fish.

The ride back to town was very relaxing and we hung our flags signaling what we had caught. Turned out we had the best catches of the day!

After heading back to the resort, we handed our fresh catches over to a chef and we got to request how we wanted them prepared. We chose blackened and ceviche. And finished the night with some specially prepared coffee. Deelish!

The remainder of the trips was playing at the beach and hanging out at the resort and eating delicious food.

After 4 quick days in Cabo, we definitely accomplished our goal: HAVE FUN AND RELAX IN PARADISE !!



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