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A Weekend of Dance in Reno, NV

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

"You dance love, and you dance joy, and you dance dreams." ~ Gene Kelly

This past weekend my 2 daughters had their second dance competition and it was all the way out in Reno, Nevada. So we decided to make it a fun family mini getaway.

We stayed at Grand Sierra Resort which is sort of like the crown jewel of Reno. It sure does stand out surrounded by some beautiful snow-capped mountains.

Unlucky for us all 3 kids got sick the week before. They were much better by the day we had to leave, but we quarantined them in the room the first night because all the cigarette smoke was making their cough even worse!

Mike and I were lucky enough to sneak out for a nice dinner at Rim Asian Bistro. We loved the Pad Thai and Going Back to Cali Roll, but the garlic edamame was absolutely divine!! The Sake was also bomb! My favorite was the Hana Lychee.

We crashed early that night to rest up for Saturday which was our busiest day.

We started with a delicious delivered breakfast from Grand Cafe. We got a variety of omelets, French toast, and Nutella pancakes and all was so good!

And then it was time to start getting ready for their afternoon performances. I started with hair and then makeup.

Our call time was 11:30, so we made our way to the competition and found the girls' team. Everyone was getting excited!!

About 1pm they went on stage for their jazz dance "Write My Story" and all did an awesome job!!

For this dance they won: Judges Choice and Top First.

Now it was time to get some snacks and get ready for the next dance. This dance was a hip hop dance called "Party Up."

They went on stage at about 3:30 and again did an awesome job! For this dance they won Top First and Overall High Point.

Overall it was a great competition day!

After some dinner at Grand Cafe, the kids went to the arcade to play with their team. IMHO, that arcade was a huge waste of $$, I would avoid.

Then next it was off the Dancing with the Stars Live at the Grand Theater and what an awesome show it was!!

All 3 kids fell asleep towards the very end of the show because it was such a long day for them, but we all really had a great day!

We started the next morning with another delicious breakfast at Grand Cafe and then it was time to check out.

A word to the wise: DO NOT CHECK OUT AT THE LAST MINUTE LIKE WE DID!! It was so chaotic getting out of this place right at 11:00. And in the midst of the chaos I left my work phone in the room and it was a pain in the butt to go back and get it.



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