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A Spooky Legoland Excursion

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

"With a bucket of Lego, you can tell any story. You can build an airplane or a dragon or a pirate ship - it's whatever you can imagine." ~ Christopher Miller

This trip to Legoland was several months in the making as we went with 2 other families. It turns out this weekend in October worked best for us all. And lucky for us it was during their Halloween celebrations.

Of course we planned matching t-shirts:

We called ourselves the "Skeleton Crew"

We stayed at the Legoland Castle Hotel which was super convenient since it was in the park and we got to get into the park an hour earlier than everyone else.

The kids favorite part was that they had a sort of lego treasure hunt when we first arrived.

That kept the kids busy for a while and then we headed to dinner and after dinner let the kids play outside for a while.

Our first day at the park was definitely the most exciting. Since it was a Halloween party day it was very busy!

Some of our favorite rides and things to do included:

1. Driving School: They went on this ride over and over again. And for $25 you can buy the kids a "driver license."

2. Emmet's Flying Adventure Ride: This was definitely one of my favorites!

3. Coastersaurus: A super fun and relatively easy coaster that the kids liked doing repeatedly.

4. Fairy Tale Brook: This was a cute and relaxing ride with the kids.

5. Coast Cruise: We did this at night and it was hard to capture, but so fun seeing everything lit up. I was especially impressed with the Eiffel Tower!

6. Hideaways: This was a fun way to burn some energy. Actually, I mostly watched the kids play because I was busy eating some yummy snacks.

7. Lego Ferrari Build & Race: This kept the kids busy for a while and we all had fun building race cars and racing them down the track.

8. Technic Coaster: This was definitely one of the wilder coasters at the park and while the little kids sat out, the older kids loved it!

9. Skipper School: Another fun and relaxing boat ride.

10. Miniland USA: This was so much fun to explore. We spent quite a bit of time here walking around during day 2 at the park.

11. Safari Trek: This ride was perfect for my little one who is too scared to ride rollercoasters.

Our second day at the park was definitely more chill as we were so tired from all the partying the previous 2 days. We redid some of our favorite rides and saw the 4D movie. And we did a little lego shopping before taking a few more pictures and then heading on out on the road.

Overall this was a phenomenal experience for our first trip to Legoland. It will probably also be our last as our oldest is 12 and that's really the upper age limit for this park. The Halloween "Monster Party" was fun, but it's something I only need to do once in my life. Since the party was that night, the park was so busy and the trick or treating really wasn't that great. Even the kids were disappointed with the candy. But otherwise it was awesome!



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